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Interview with Walibi Holland director Mascha van Till:

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Director Mascha van Till officially opens the Wilderness zone
Director Mascha van Till officially opens the Wilderness zone  Bild: Marco Wensveen

Biddinghuizen [ENA] On Saturday, April 6, Walibi Holland opened its gates for a new "HARDGAAN" season at 9:30 AM. Last winter a lot of work was done on the new Wilderness zone, which was officially opened on April 6 for the press, and the construction of the new roller coaster Untamed.

With the opening of the new Wilderness zone, follow-up is given to the "Festivalization" project, which Walibi Holland started in 2018. The project will improve the appearance of the areas in the park in the coming years. This is why Sherwood Forest has been replaced by Wilderness this winter. Director Mascha van Till: “If you walk through Wilderness, you know for sure: I have nothing to say here, nature is in charge here. Wilderness is a wild forest that is amazing and appeals to the imagination ”.

Interviewer: "Could you tell us something more about the hybrid rollercoaster?" Director: “Hybrid means the construction-column are made of wood and the tracks are made of 100% steel. That is what hybrid means to us. The combination of wood and steel.” Interviewer: "Is there a technical or an ecological reason?" Director: “When you have a 100% wood roller coaster you feel shakiness more of the tracks. When you have a hybrid roller coaster such as UNTAMED than you still feet a bit the shakiness of the column but also the the smooth steel tracks. I always compare this combination like ice skating on natural ice, not artificial ice. It remains a bit of fun shakiness but in the meantime it’s very fast!”

Interviewer: That sounds very nice Director: “If you only have a wooden rollercoaster you’re much more limited during the ride, but with a hybrid combination you can go higher, you can go faster. It has more special elements and it’s more fun!” Walibi Holland opens this year from 6 April to 27 October. During the season they organize the summer event "LEKKERGAAN" and in October they traditionally celebrate Halloween with our Halloween Fright Nights. This year they also have something new: a Halloween daytime event for all tough kids from 6 years!

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