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Vienna [ENA] The ICONVIENNA - Brand Global Summit annual event has established itself as a business and networking event, promoting business contacts between Austrian and international companies and regions, thereby encouraging projects and investment into businesses. The event is organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in partnership with the European Brand Institute (EBI)....

Europe’s leading platform for brand value with 20 years of proven experience in brand and intellectual property valuation. This year, “15th ICONVIENNA – Brand Global Summit 2019: Brands Create Prosperity” will gather participants and partners from various fields of interest and from around the world. It aims to open the floor for discussions about the role of branding for competitiveness and sustainable growth, covering topics such as: · Discussions on competitiveness of brands, geographic brands, brand financing; · Brands for competitiveness and sustainable growth: advancement of private sector competitiveness through branding as an important strategy tool to enlarge local and export market shares and create jobs;

· UNIDO expertise and experience in the implementation of technical cooperation projects facilitating the Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) through, among others, branding and marketing tools, including the showcasing of success stories; · Brand investments - alternative financing: knowledge of the benefits of brand investments both for the macro economy but also for SMEs, with a special focus also on developing countries; · Brand investments as a great tool for sustainable growth and creating jobs, but also as support for the “transition to a knowledge and digital based economy”; · Competitive and strategic transformation of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to brand, leading to sustainable development.

iconvienna offers an appealing, promoting and effective environment including the features of the city of Vienna such as: •Vienna as a secure hub for the international Project-Businesses •a mix of effective business and social events, as well as cooperation with public institutions, business, media. iconvienna Brand Global Summit - the appealing platform in the center of Europe for the effective promotion of economic and social integration. Quelle:UNIDO,

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