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A Spectacular Night at the MusikTheater an der Wien

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Theater an der Wien [ENA] What an extraordinary evening of music and drama at the MusikTheater an der Wien, where Georg Friedrich Händel's delightful opera "Flavio" was brought to life with exuberance, wit, and exceptional artistry. In this performance, we were treated to a captivating blend of romance, jealousy, ambition, and wounded pride set within the lavish court of the Lombard King in the 9th century.

Händel's work, composed in 1723, navigates the terrain between knightly drama and parody, presenting us with characters whose heroic façades quickly dissolve into romantic entanglements and absurd duels. "Flavio" is indeed a unique blend of opera seria and satirical comedy, brilliantly crafted to lampoon the conventions of its time. The opera, originally composed for the greatest singers of the 18th century, found new life in this production featuring some of today's finest interpreters of Händel's music.

Central to the success of this performance was the breathtaking singing of Julia Lezhneva in the role of Emilia. Lezhneva's portrayal of the complex and virtuosic character was nothing short of mesmerizing. From her first entrance, Lezhneva commanded the stage with a voice that effortlessly navigated Händel's intricate melodies and ornamentations. Her vocal technique was impeccable, displaying a remarkable agility and expressiveness that perfectly conveyed Emilia's emotional journey throughout the opera.

In Act I, Julia Lezhneva's aria "Amor, qual nuova fiamma" was a standout moment, showcasing her dazzling coloratura and lyrical phrasing. The audience was enraptured by her ability to convey both vulnerability and strength through her singing, embodying the conflicted emotions of a woman torn between love and duty. As the drama unfolded, Lezhneva's chemistry with her fellow cast members was palpable. In duets and ensembles, her voice blended seamlessly with those of her colleagues, creating moments of musical magic that transported us deeper into the story. Particularly memorable was her interaction with the title character Flavio, sung with charm and charisma by Rémy Brès-Feuillet, in the poignant duet "Quanto dolce è quell'ardore."

Max Emanuel Cencic's portrayal of Guido in Händel's "Flavio" was nothing short of extraordinary. His vocal performance was marked by a rare combination of technical prowess and dramatic depth. Cencic's voice soared effortlessly through the demanding coloratura passages, demonstrating impeccable control and clarity. In arias such as "Rompo i lacci" and "Amor, nel mio penar," he displayed a remarkable ability to convey a range of emotions, from fiery determination to tender longing, all with a rich, resonant tone that filled the theater with warmth and intensity. Cencic's nuanced interpretation of Guido's character, coupled with his undeniable vocal talent, made his portrayal a standout highlight of the evening.

he emotional depth of Julia Lezhneva's performance reached its pinnacle in Act III, where she delivered a heart-wrenching rendition of "Mio bel tesoro," revealing the full extent of Emilia's anguish and resolve. Lezhneva's ability to convey raw emotion through her voice left not a dry eye in the house. Beyond the vocal brilliance, the entire production of "Flavio" was a triumph. Under the music direction of Benjamin Bayl, the orchestra breathed life into Händel's score, capturing its energy and nuance with precision and vitality. The stage direction was inventive and engaging, transforming the historic setting into a vibrant world of intrigue and passion.

n conclusion, the performance of "Flavio" at the MusikTheater an der Wien was a true testament to the enduring power and versatility of Händel's operas. At the heart of this production was the luminous presence of Julia Lezhneva, whose portrayal of Emilia will surely be remembered as one of the definitive interpretations of this challenging role. Her artistry, coupled with the exceptional talents of the entire creative team, made this evening a celebration of Baroque opera at its finest—a night that left the audience uplifted, inspired, and utterly enchanted.

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